Unique, handcrafted, custom made jewelry from West Coast Jewelry Consultants, LLC gives you the pleasure of creating and owning an heirloom quality piece of jewelry that will become a part of you and your family you will be proud to pass down through generations. As for the treasures you possess and dearly hold to your heart, we pride ourselves with our work to refurbish and restore them back to their original condition, as it was when newly purchased.

  • Insurance Replacement Appraisal

    As time goes on, jewelry appreciates in value. It is important to update your appraisals every two years to determine the value of your jewelry today. Our expert jewelers will give you the opportunity to bring your own jewelry to determine replacement costs for new and old pieces and revise your outdated documents.

  • Fair Market Value Appraisal

    You can consult with our expert gemologists who can fairly appropriate valuation for your jewelry in its current condition today, an important process to determine values for your wills and estates, including:

    • Estate Distribution
    • Inheritance/Probate
    • Divorce/Division of Property
    • Evaluation
    • Comparison
    • Charitable Contribution/IRS
  • Custom Jewelry Concierge
    • Create/Custom Design New Jewelry
    • Refurbish/Restore/Repair
    • Locate Desired Unique Pieces
    • Find Buyer/Consign Your Jewelry
  • Liquidation Broker Of Jewelry Assets
    • Diamonds & Gemstones
    • Estate Jewelry
    • Coins
    • Platinum, Gold, Silver

Gold Party

Interested in hosting a Gold Party?  Invite your friends and family to bring their gold jewelry and take pleasure in entertaining your guests while getting paid in cash!

Contact us for more information about how you can host your Gold Party with our experts helping you and friends sell their broken, unused, outdated gold pieces and enjoy a fun event!


Our Promise

West Coast Jewelry Consultants are delighted to be helpful to you with any jewelry related inquiries. Our services are guaranteed until we meet your expectations.